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By Lydia Peterson, Jan 5 2020 05:11PM

Born in Monroe, Louisiana on June 29th 1991. To Parents Shetakia Williams and Jeffry Perry Sr. Separated but still close. His mother remarried and moved her family to Dallas, Texas. The oldest of three siblings. JP began songwriting and composing music by the age of 13. He first used it as a means to cope and heal from the sudden death of his father on January 5th, 2004. The Self identified underdog, and Somewhat of an introvert. His unique style is comprised of heavy hard hitting lyrics, coupled with soothing melodies that are meant to capture the very essence of his craft. Every song; every verse is specifically designed and arranged to leave the listener with a sense of fullness, whilst also leaving a piece of himself in each vocal inflection. The biggest musical influences in his life have by far been from J. Cole, Jimi Hendrix, Roy L, Led Zepplin, Lil Wayne, the black keys. As well as deep ties to southern blues, R&B, and alternative rock. That blend of diversity, is what pushes him to be as versatile and multifaceted as an Artist he could be. No gimmicks, no props, Just Music.

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By Lydia Peterson, Jan 5 2020 04:44PM

We spoke to Roy L. about his music and life and this is what he had to say:

"Born and raised in what is now statistically the worst city in America per capital. Monroe, La. Raised by a single mother while my father fought his demons from the Vietnam war. My mother only had one other child, a daughter, who was five years older than me so by the time I became a teenager, I was an only child. Same song, different melody. The pain of being alone and abandoned caused momma to withdraw and seclude herself while I found attention in the streets and music to relate my pain. I grew up literally writing down Tupac and Nas's lyrics and unbeknownst to me at that time they'd plant seeds of events and people that would influence me heavily in my later teens early adulthood. Served in the Army. Lived in Europe as a civilian. Twice. Done two separate prison sentences in two separate states. My last bid, I truly found Allah. And he found me. Music is my strength, my refuge, my conduit, it's how I exorcise the demons withIN. In no way do I glorify or seek vilification from my audience. I just write my heart".

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By Lydia Peterson, Dec 31 2019 08:15PM

Taylor Made Da Prince is an independent artist from South Carolina. His first success was with his hit single “Childhood Love” in 2011, which landed him an opportunity with Slip N Slide Records. After things fell through, Taylor took a hiatus from music. He then returned with his hit single “That Girl”; and began his “Love Lectures” series as he brings back “Love Rap” and solidified his crown as “King of Love Rap”. He is enjoying the success of his new hit “Ashanti”. He has also starred in many independent films as an actor and has drawn attention from platinum C.E.Os and is currently building his national profile.

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By Lydia Peterson, Dec 23 2019 07:24PM

Sauvi DuVin is no stranger to the music business. A very humble R&B Singer and songwriter with an amazing, powerhouse voice, Sauvi DuVin was far from a new voice on the music scene before her latest project. Her sound and vibe mirror that of artists like Sade, and she’s been compared to those of the likes of Amel Larrieux. She grew up idolizing and many of the legends, including Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Toni Braxton, and several others.

​Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, a political science undergraduate degree from Georgia State University, as well as a product of Grady High School (Atlanta, GA), Sauvi DuVin began singing at the tender age of nine (9) years old, when she won her first talent show at Webb Bridge Middle School singing “If I Ain’t Got You Baby” by one of her idols, Alicia Keys. Her parents and grandparents kept her in church each and every Sunday, and it was only natural for her to use her gift to give glory to God in the church choir.

In 2017, she began singing with a live concert band called “The City”, managed by Jerome Derrickson, formerly of the group Zapp and the current tour manager for Maze ft. Frankie Beverly. In September 2017, Sauvi, as part of “The City” opened up for Maze f/ Frankie Beverly and the Isley Brothers at the Verizon Theater at Grand Prairie. After switching to Ametria Dock as her vocal coach, and changing her music director to Brandon A. Thomas, Sauvi began to blossom and come out of her shell bringing her powerhouse voice to perform covers by artists such as Corrine Bailey Rae, Estelle, and Ariana Grande!

​In 2018, she continued to tour with “The City” while preparing and reinventing herself to launch her own solo project. She teamed up with Willy Hendrix, co-producer of Missy Elliott’s hot single “Throw It Back”, and began recording tracks. In late 2018, she released her first single “Shade” under the name “Amber Makayla”.

In 2019, going by the name “Sauvi DuVin”, with the help of her parents (her dad an Entertainment Lawyer and Founder and Owner of the rising shoe entity “DevawearLLC” in Atlanta), formed her own entertainment label, BAM Entertainment LLC, and is scheduled to released her first smash single “Luv For You” off her forthcoming albumscheduled to be released in early 2020

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By Lydia Peterson, Dec 23 2019 05:24PM

Anthony Scott's new single is exactly what it's supposed to be: Intense. Cinematic. High-energy.

Like all of his music, Anthony Scott pulls from his life experience - triumphs and hardships alike - to portray a vulnerable yet Featuring production from J Philly, one of Scott's go-to producers, we're given an eerie yet enticing choir melody behind a gritty baseline and bright, looping synth pattern.

Scott begins the song with the hook, telling us the way it's supposed to be in his mind - essentially: I'll look out for you, you look out for me, and we can both get this money together. With a laid back flow Scott enters the first verse offering different ways he and the listener can relate to one another and find common ground.

Scott teams up with long-time collaborator Mxlcxlm Z for another song with depth and emotion over a high-energy instrumental. Z's usual wordplay shines through and encourages listeners to focus on peace and hustle hard for what they desire out of life.

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