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[NEW ENTRY] Anthony Scott - Supposed Ta Be

By Lydia Peterson, Dec 23 2019 05:24PM

Anthony Scott's new single is exactly what it's supposed to be: Intense. Cinematic. High-energy.

Like all of his music, Anthony Scott pulls from his life experience - triumphs and hardships alike - to portray a vulnerable yet Featuring production from J Philly, one of Scott's go-to producers, we're given an eerie yet enticing choir melody behind a gritty baseline and bright, looping synth pattern.

Scott begins the song with the hook, telling us the way it's supposed to be in his mind - essentially: I'll look out for you, you look out for me, and we can both get this money together. With a laid back flow Scott enters the first verse offering different ways he and the listener can relate to one another and find common ground.

Scott teams up with long-time collaborator Mxlcxlm Z for another song with depth and emotion over a high-energy instrumental. Z's usual wordplay shines through and encourages listeners to focus on peace and hustle hard for what they desire out of life.

You can follow Anthony Scott on Instagram @iamanthonyscott to stay updated on future releases and tour dates. Go purchase on Amazon.

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